1951 Born in Grünstadt/Pfalz in Germany
1971 Studies at Joseph Beuys´class, Akademie der Künste Düsseldorf
1976 MA, Fine Arts, Akademie der Künste Düsseldorf
1978 Returns to Germany and settles in Berlin, studies medical science at the Freie Universität Berlin in appropriation of Beuys´demand for "interdisciplinary" and as a possibility for broadening the aesthetical reflection to scientific consideration; during the scientific studies constant work as an artist (super-8 films, fotography, drawing)
1982 Resumes to paint with an apodictic decision, considering himself as a "post-modern" painter: opulence, colour, abstraction, experiment
1985 MA, Medical Science, Freie Universität, Berlin, despite having completed this medical studies he decides not to build a professional career in this field
since 1987 Group and solo exhibitions in Germany, France, Italy, Turkey, Switzerland, Poland, USA etc. Ruprecht Dreher lives and works in Berlin